Monitoring and Evaluation 
Demand for monitoring and evaluation (M&E) activities has steadily increased in the last years, with the donors and developing countries requiring a greater level of analysis on the effectiveness of foreign assistance and its impact on intended recipients.

Two major forces drive the increased demand: the need for accountability in donor funding, and the need to learn from programme implementation to improve effectiveness.

SPM Consulting:-
The variety of cost-effective M&E services we offer helps clients to
  • Build their M&E capacity,
  • Track programme performance, and
  • Determine outcomes and lessons learnt.

Our monitoring services help clients manage projects and programmes for results, and include
  • Establishing baselines and monitoring services,
  • Creating results frameworks, and
  • Designing performance management plans.

We work side-by side with clients to develop the requisite skills and at the same time build the trust, commitment and ownership which are vital to managing a successful change process.

We offer both
  • Mid-term (formative) and
  • Final (summative) evaluation types, and
  • Experimental,
  • Quasi-experimental, and
  • Non-experimental designs.

We are experienced in a wide variety of evaluations,
  • Including Needs assessments (NA),
  • Process Evaluations,
  • Outcome or Performance evaluations, and
  • Impact evaluations.

We offer high-quality and participatory evaluations using
  • Qualitative, quantitative, and mixed-methods approaches,
  • Including the design, implementation, and analysis of instruments such as surveys, focus groups, and interviews.

"We help NGOs, FBOs, CBOs, Institutions, Associations and Governments to  Monitor and Evaluate their Projects, Programs and Performance"
Principal Consultant.