Start up and Growth

Organizational Capacity Building 

We support for your SMART -Start up and Growth

This involves prioritising and timetabling the knowledge transfer and capacity building by analysing:

The internal operating environment:
  • The institutional context
  • Strategy and management
  • Organisational structures
  • Organisational systems
  • Human resources / skills, including leadership and management

and the external environment:
  • Legislative
  • Business practices / standards
  • External / international standards to be met
  • Stakeholder involvement and interaction (other departments/business partners)

We work side-by side with clients to develop the requisite skills and at the same time build the trust, commitment and ownership which are vital to managing a successful change process.  

We work with institutions to assess their existing capabilities and plan improvements that fit with their wider development programmes and the level of change they can effectively manage within their timeframe.

  • Needs and capacity assessments
  • Technical and functional training plans to meet development goals
  • Institutional development and strengthening
  • Technical assistance to government and development agencies
  • Mentoring and train-the-trainers approaches
  • Workshop facilitation
  • Learning exchanges
  • Strategic planning support
  • Knowledge management
  • Education and awareness raising campaigns
  • Change management strategies